Bangkok to Koh Phangan by sleeper train. Fall asleep in the city, wake up in the jungle.

Day 2 – The overnight sleeper train.. Bangkok to Koh Phangan Thailand   “Chick.. are you sure we’re on the right train?”. Stacey looked unimpressed. Four very unhappy faces stared back at me.… Continue reading

Khao San Road – Little London, Meal worms, massages and Chang beer

Khao San Road Bangkok, Thailand. I have a list of “Things to do before I die”. I think it’s important to have a list, even if you don’t accomplish half of it beforehand.… Continue reading

Boating Bliss and Killer Swans

Boating Bliss and Killer Swans   Odiham Canal, Hampshire 31st July 2011 “There is nothing-absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” The Wind in the Willows.… Continue reading

New Years Eve on Waterloo Bridge

New Years Eve on Waterloo Bridge London 31st December 2010 “POP”.. off flew another cork into the sea of happy, celebrating faces that spanned uninterrupted from one end of Waterloo bridge to the other, almost… Continue reading