Do one thing every day that scares you.. and never regret anything thing that made you smile. Every minute you spend upset is 60 seconds of happiness you’ll never get back.

Hi.. my name’s Leo. As a child I was fascinated by adventure, by dinosaur bones, by far flung lands and buried treasure.. I grew up wanting to be big, wanting to be bold, wanting to be Indiana Jones. I am now 30 – and I am not.

..When I really do grow up, I’m pretty sure I will have escaped a tribe of cannibals deep in the jungle, fought pirates, climbed everest, discovered lost civilisations and been into outer space.

But until then, these are my mini adventures, micro-travels and attempts at making every day a tiny bit less ordinary. I may have to ride the tube to work.. but the Indiana Jones theme tune is always playing in my head.

Happy reading, happy travels, happy adventures to you all! X