I still have Jurassic Park Fever. Trending for 2013, Dino Tourism. Hell YEAH!

ImageIt’s Christmas day and I’ve eaten every scrap of food going and polished off an entire bottle of Baileys. I’ve watched every Disney film with much delight and tried to decipher the message in the Queen’s Christmas day speech. Nothing brought me quite as much joy as hearing “Next up, Jurassic Park”. I literally squealed with delight.

I have been a “Dino-geek” as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure my first written word was not my own name, but ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’.

My Grand-dad had bought me a plastic Dinosaur from a car-boot sale whilst I was still being pushed around in a buggy, and my love affair has grown from there ever since.

Last month whilst researching my adventures for 2013, I came across a list of top predicted trends for travel next year. To my joy, Dino Tourism was high up on that list. “I will no longer be a Nerd” I thought, “I will finally be accepted for who I truly am”. OK. Who am I kidding? I am still a geek, and my girlies will still look at me with puzzlement every-time I go off into Dino-Dweeb-mode over a glass of wine of an evening.

However. The fact that Dino-Tourism has arrived has got me very excited, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one? So if the thought of digging up an ammonite fills you with the same joy as shopping for shoes, or you prefer watching “Walking with Dinosaurs” to “Hollyoaks” or If you ever imagined yourself as a kid, brushing away the earth to reveal a Tyrannosaurus tooth grinning back at you, or staring into the empty socket of a Stegosaurus, then dust off your desert boots, these holidays could be for you. Not only could you be digging up a little bit of (pre) history on your holiday, you may also see it installed in a museum. Imagine that?!

Most companies only offer a few dates per year. So if this is ringing your bell, get securing your place immediately.

26th May – 1st June 2013


Australian Age of Dinosaurs, dig-a-dino

At $3300 per person, this isn’t the cheapest option. You will need to fly to Australia which could put you back a pretty penny on top of this. However this is the most inclusive of the holidays, with 7 days experience, 6 nights on site, day trip to the preparation laboratory & Museum site. All meals, twin-share accommodation, nightly pre-dinner drinks, tea-breaks, transport to and from site all catered for. And set in the rolling grasses of the Winton District, – money well spent I’d say.

18th – 27th August 2013


Geo World Travel offer scientific digs in either Wyoming USA or Portugal. You will be trained in digging and fossil preparation techniques and will join a group of scientists spending 10 days digging fossilised Dinosaur remains, ready for it to be displayed in a major museum.

Wyoming – £1995 for 10 days, including meals, training, local transportation, and local museums and attractions.

Portugal – £1495 for 10 days.

Does not include tent (bring your own) or flights.

June 7th 2013 to August 3rd 2013


If the other option breaks the bank or you’re looking for something with family in mind, Paleoadventures offers you more flexibility with the opportunity to dig for Dinosaurs, fossilised mammals and amphibians in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota, USA. You can take part for 1 day, 2 day or 4 day trips and can cater for singles, families of 4 – even school trips.

Great for families or as an add on to another part of your trip, the bones that you will be digging up are not generally part of a larger skeleton, therefore less valuable and can be sold onto private collectors.

Prices start for as little as $150 per day.

Happy digging, happy adventures!!