Henley Ra-ra-ra Regatta..

It was a dark and stormy day, the rain lashed down at my face, my wellies sinking into the mud, delicate dress stuck to my tiny body, sodden, heavy with water… …Joking!! It… Continue reading

What’s your theme tune? The soundtrack to my life…

“Look after yourself. London will eat you up if you’re not careful”.. was the (wise) parting words of advice my flatmate gave me as we left our beautiful little period flat in Winchester.… Continue reading

Army V’s Navy Rugby – Twickenham Stadium. Gladiators READY!

    GLADIATOR.. it’s one of my favourite movies.. and seemingly a recurring theme in my life. I never thought I had a “type”, all the men that have come and gone in… Continue reading

I still have Jurassic Park Fever. Trending for 2013, Dino Tourism. Hell YEAH!

It’s Christmas day and I’ve eaten every scrap of food going and polished off an entire bottle of Baileys. I’ve watched every Disney film with much delight and tried to decipher the message… Continue reading

Review – “The Luggage Room” (Shhh.. it’s a secret)

The Luggage Room  Grosvenor Square, London 11th December 2012 After the second circuit of Grosvenor Square, I was just about to give up hope. All we had was a postcode and a name.… Continue reading

Review – The Cedar Court Grand Hotel & Spa, York

The Cedar Court Grand Hotel York Sunday 2nd December 2012 “Are you not going to tell me where we are going?” I texted, slightly anxious at letting Dave pick our first mini-break together… Continue reading

Olympic Rowing – London Olympic Games 2012

Olympic Rowing Eton Dorney 29th July 2012 I am a MASSIVE fan of rowing. I have to admit that when I first started on this little leg of mini adventures.. I was just… Continue reading

Date on the steps of St Pauls

23rd June 2012 A Date on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral London We glanced at each other and giggled as we both unsteadily pulled out our iPhones. “That” I said, “Is why… Continue reading

“Date” on the back of a Harley Davidson. London, lights.. and lost love.

Harley Davidson “Date” – Illuminations of London by motorbike London – February 2012 I use the word “Date” loosely. This wasn’t an actual “date” by normal standards. Neither is this the first time… Continue reading

Party in Paradise – The Full Moon Party

Part 3 Full Moon Party – Koh Phangan Legend has it that the Full Moon Party started back in 1985 when a group of backpackers partied till the sun came up at Paradise… Continue reading